To find out if someone has been booked in the Travis County Jail, you can call (512) 472-1580 or you can search for inmates currently in custody by clicking here.

If you have trouble using this form, or if you are not finding your friend or loved one through this service, please contact our office at (512) 472-1580 and we will help you locate where your friend or loved one is being held as soon as possible.

How can I contact my friend or loved one who is in jail?

If your friend or loved one is in jail, you can contact them via telephone, mail, email, or by visiting them in person. All forms of communication are subject to the rules posted on the Travis County Sheriff’s website. You may visit their website by clicking here.

As attorneys, we can almost always contact your friend or loved one in jail, even when you cannot. Travis County inmates may always call their attorney free of charge, for ten minutes per call. Those calls are not recorded. Attorneys may also video conference with inmates. If you are having trouble contacting your friend or loved one who is in jail, please contact our office immediately at (512) 472-1580 so that we may assist you in communicating with that inmate.

You can also visit the Travis County Sheriff’s website for more information regarding visitation schedules, locations of jail facilities, and more frequently asked questions.

How can I find out what my friend or loved one who is in jail is being charged with?

You may use the Travis County Sheriff’s Inmate Population Search to find out exactly what your friend or loved one has been charged with, and what type of bond is allowed and/or required to release that person from jail (see our {link}Types of Bonds{/link}). You may also contact our office at (512) 472-1580 and our attorneys will obtain the probable cause affidavit, which details what your friend or loved one is being charged with and the circumstances surrounding their arrest.

How can I find out when an inmate’s court date is?

Once you have contacted our office at (512) 472-1580, we can help you find out when your friend or loved one’s court date is, and whether or not they will be brought to court on that date. The Travis County jail does not provide court dates to inmates or their friends or loved ones, because the Judge sets his or her own docket. Once an inmate has retained an attorney, he or she will not be required to attend many of the court settings.

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