If you have a friend or loved one in custody of the Travis County jail, we understand you want them out as soon as possible. Please call our office immediately at (512) 472-1580 for assistance. Our staff is able to obtain your friend or loved one’s jail release as soon as possible. We will go to the Travis County jail immediately to fill out the necessary paperwork on your behalf, obtain a personal recognizance bond (PR bond) or cash deposit bond, and get that person out of jail quickly. We offer more options, and frequently at less expense than a bail bondsman. Once you have contracted with our firm, our attorneys are allowed by law to execute a personal or cash deposit bond on your behalf and obtain your friend or loved one’s pre-trial jail release pursuant to the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, section 17.

In Travis County, a person who has been arrested and is in custody of the Austin Police Department (or other Travis County department that is lawfully authorized to make arrests) is transferred to the central booking office located in the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center, 509 West 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701. The police officer will submit a probable cause affidavit (PC affidavit for short), which basically states why the officer had reason to believe that a crime was committed. The police officer must turn in that PC affidavit within 24 hours of the arrest for a misdemeanor, or 48 hours after the arrest for a felony. Once the magistrate or judge reviews this probable cause affidavit, he or she will determine if there was enough probable cause for the police officer to make the arrest, and if so, set a bail amount. Then the person arrested will meet with the judge or magistrate, usually within 24 hours of the bond being set. We can obtain a copy of this probable cause affidavit as soon as possible and review it prior to meeting with you, in most cases. Also, in most instances we can approach the magistrate or judge on your behalf and waive the magistrate process (which can sometimes take up to several hours, delaying the time your friend or loved one is released from jail).

If you are trying to get a friend or loved one out of jail in Austin or Travis County, we can assist you in locating that person via an inmate search, then by obtaining a personal bond with the court so that person may be released. We can help save you time and money by handling this procedure for you, instead of having to going through a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen charge an extra fee, and almost always require collateral and co-signors to obtain a bond on your friend or loved one’s behalf. On top of that, you will still need to obtain an attorney to represent your friend or loved one in the pending criminal case once they are out of jail. The Segura Law Firm will not charge an extra fee for bonding or jail release, nor do we require collateral and co-signors so long as you have contracted with our firm. All jail release fees will apply toward legal representation. Contact the Segura Law Firm’s 24 hour phone number (512) 472-1580 to schedule a free initial consultation, and/or find out more about how we can help you get your friend or loved one out of jail.

For more information regarding jail release, warrants, and bonds, please visit our FAQ page by clicking here.

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