Many of our clients who face drug charges have experienced the full force of the police department. These cases often begin by the door to their house being kicked open in the middle of the night, a gun pointed in their face, and their property destroyed in an attempt to find drugs.

The War on Drugs has truly become a war against citizens’ rights. We are serious about protecting your rights and believe strongly that when the government violates our client’s most fundamental rights, we must stand up to this oppression.

Far too many people get caught up in that war, many of our clients were arrested for drugs that were not theirs. Roommates, boyfriends/girlfriends, or family members can all possess drugs without your knowledge, and you can be left to face those charges yourself.

However, we also know that many of our clients are in crisis or are dealing with damaging addictions. That is why we work hard to find the right resources our clients need if they want help with a drug or alcohol problem.

In such situations, we strive to resolve drug charges through intervention and treatment, often before a client ever sees a judge, and well before the probation department might get involved.

We find that many times, getting clean can make all the difference in keeping a client’s record clear. Often, by showing our client’s commitment to addressing their drug issues, we have been able to get dismissals of criminal cases.

Have you been told to visit with the SHORT program? See our page on what you should know before you go and how we can help.

The Fourth Amendment and Your Rights

Drug cases often involve complex legal issues regarding the government’s right to search you and seize your possessions.

At our law firm we are committed to staying current on the law to best protect our clients. Richard Segura, our founding attorney is so experienced in the law that he teaches at the Criminal Defense Clinic at the University of Texas Law School, and all our attorneys greatly exceed required continuing education, many being part of the State Bar College. Our attorneys attend specialized training and meet each week to discuss changes in the law and how it affects our clients.

It is through our drug cases that we most often find ourselves in the appellate courts fighting for our client’s rights. When necessary, our office is able and willing to go the distance appealing cases to both the Court of Appeals and the Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest criminal court in Texas. Our attorneys have the knowledge and the experience to fight for your rights.

Our defense attorneys are ready to offer a detailed analysis of your situation and present options to assist in your defense. Contact the Segura Law Firm via our contact form or call 512.472.1580 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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