If you are charged in Travis County with a felony drug case, there is often an opportunity to stay out of district court, and to have the case dismissed, if you qualify for and complete the Travis County Drug Diversion Program or “Drug Court” for short.

Many clients will receive a referral to Drug Court if they were released from jail through Travis County Pretrial Services.

We strongly suggest you visit with an attorney in our office before attending this evaluation. Our attorneys understand the ends and outs of the program. We can advise you on what you will experience in this interview and during this program.

The Drug Court program is an amazing opportunity in Travis County, but it comes at a price. Drug Court is intensive. We often tell prospective clients that the one year they will spend completing Drug Court is much tougher than one year of felony probation. Of course, the reward is this:

(1) the Drug Court program is, well shorter. For felony drug offenses in Texas, the minimum probation is two years, and many folks get somewhere between five and ten years of probation for felony drug offenses. As Drug Court lasts one year, you can put this case behind you much faster.

(2) felony probation will stay on your record, even if you complete it successfully. If it s deferred probation, you may be eligible for a motion for non-disclosure, but never an expunction. If you successfully complete Drug Court, you can apply for an expunction, which completely wipes the arrest off of your record.

Even if you have already been denied by Drug Court, all hope may not be lost. Our attorneys have a reputation of knowledge and respect with the Drug Court program and we can help clients approach Drug Court again. The best bet is to speak with us before your Drug Court interview, but if that has already happened, we may still be able to help you.

Our defense attorneys are ready to offer a detailed analysis of your situation and present options to assist in your defense. Contact the Segura Law Firm via our contact form or call 512.472.1580 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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