The criminal case against you was dismissed. Or you were acquitted, or found not guilty. Or the court gave you a deferred disposition, and told you the case was over or they “dropped” the charges. So, there shouldn’t be anything left on your record, right? Wrong. We are sorry to tell you that is just not the case.

There may not be a conviction on your record, the fact that you were arrested for a crime or charged with a crime is still on there. In most cases, that record is available for the whole world to see. This could include employers, colleges and grad schools, state and federal agencies, or anyone running a background check. For many, the fact that you were even arrested may be enough to exclude you from opportunities like jobs or even a place to live.

That just isn’t fair. But, the law lets you do something about it. If you want your record to truly be clean, then you need to have the charges or arrest expunged. When a court orders an expunction, all records of your arrest are destroyed and, except in a few rare circumstances, you can legally say you were never arrested.

Our office has helped hundreds of people expunge their records. If you would like to know if there is any way to expunge your records, contact our attorneys to find out.

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