Some people think marijuana charges are not that serious or silly. After all, you only got a ticket, right? A ticket means it’s not serious, doesn’t it? You’ve been tricked. Texas law allows those “arrested” for having marijuana to be given tickets if the police departments chooses to. But, being charged with possession of marijuana-even in a ticket-is still serious.

Most people who are arrested or ticketed for marijuana have a small amount, just for their own use, which should be charged as a Class B or A Misdemeanor. The important thing to remember is you can be punished for up to one year in jail for a Class A Misdemeanor.

Many of our younger clients are charged with Possession of Marijuana (POM), and it is for these clients that the consequences can be the greatest. Drug charges have a way of following you for far longer than people expect them to. So, whether you are established in a career and looking to protect your hard work or you are just beginning your journey in life, it is important to take these charges seriously.

Our office is experienced at dealing with these cases-as well as those unexpected consequences that can come up from marijuana or other drug cases. Depending on the amount of marijuana you are charged with having and the disposition of the case, POM cases can affect everything from federal financial aid, to your immigration status, to the jobs you can hold now or in the future.

Please come in and meet with our experienced attorneys to learn more about your case. Our defense attorneys are ready to offer a detailed analysis of your situation and present options to assist in your defense. Contact the Segura Law Firm via our contact form or call 512.472.1580 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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