Probation revocations are some the scariest and fastest moving criminal cases out there. In these cases, having an experienced lawyer on your side who knows the courts, the judges, and the probation officers is essential. In probation violation cases, you do not have a right to a jury trial and the prosecution only needs to prove the violation by a preponderance of the evidence (as opposed to the higher “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard normally used in criminal trials).

These cases must be taken very seriously. If your probation officer has told you that you will need to see the judge, then you may have a serious problem. If your probation is revoked you may be sentenced to jail or prison, and/or your amount of time on probation can be extended, or there may be other serious consequences.

There are many different types of probation. It is essential that you see an attorney as soon as you believe you may have a problem. If you wait until you know you have a problem, it may be too late resolve you case with the best possible way. You need a lawyer who will fight for you, work to eliminate or reduce the charges against you, and search for ways to lessen the punishment for violating your probation. Our office has a track record of working with probation to solve these matters quickly and with the best outcome possible. Even if you think it is too late for someone to help you, there may still be something an experienced attorney can do to improve your situation that may not be an option for you acting on your own.

Early release from probation

Did you know it is possible to be released from probation early? Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you petition the court for early release.

And, did you know that when being discharged from probation it is possible to present your own order to the court? The language in our order is far more thorough than the standard order. You have worked hard for that order. Have it say what you need it to.

Our defense attorneys are ready to offer a detailed analysis of your situation and present options to assist in your defense. Contact the Segura Law Firm via our contact form or call 512.472.1580 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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