If you are charged in Travis County with a misdemeanor or felony case, there is often an opportunity to obtain legal services specific to your mental health needs, and to potentially have the case dismissed, if you qualify for and complete the Travis County Mental Health Court.

Many clients will receive a referral to the Mental Health docket if they were released from jail through Travis County Pretrial Services and disclosed any qualifying mental health condition as part of their bonding process.

The Mental Health docket is an amazing opportunity in Travis County, although it is intensive and a lot will be expected of you. However, it can be specifically tailored to your mental health needs, and is a kinder, gentler alternative to the typical Travis County county and district courts. There are specially appointed prosecutors and Judges who understand the specific needs of those clients dealing with mental health issues.

Our attorneys have a reputation of knowledge and respect with the Mental Health court program and we can help clients apply for the Mental Health docket.

Our defense attorneys are ready to offer a detailed analysis of your situation and present options to assist in your defense. Contact the Segura Law Firm via our contact form or call 512.472.1580 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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